Research Area 1: Multi-criteria energy system optimisation in Africa:

Research Area 2: Data analytics for energy-enabled sustainable development in Africa:

Research area 3: Innovation for sustainable development Africa:

Research Area 4: Conceptual research on integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Examples of current research projects

  • Climate Compatiable Growth: A 42 million GBP initiative by the UK government to study green development pathways of low-income and lower-middle income countries
  • Sustainable Innovation Africa (SIA): A newly founded initiative between researchers at the University of Oxford, ETH Zurich and Nuvoni Research Centre in Nairobi to study the role of innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Africa
  •  Decentralised Energy-Leveraging Transformation of African Development (DELTADev): Designing integrated energy systems and associated business models for rural African contexts to reap benefits across multiple Sustainnable Development Goals 

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